Funeral Coverage For Kenya

If you are in the US and applying for your Kenyan relatives in Kenya please apply here.

Applying from Kenya, please download the Application Form below and email it as soon as you can.

Great Insurance Opportunities you Must Consider – A Free Benefit for all who qualify

Are you tired of fundraising for others during bereavement of their loved ones and when it comes to you, you are left in the cold?  The old fundraising ways are not working any longer and are not fair to those of us who are quiet and reserved.  Hoping against hope by relying on friends will only make you angry but does not really solve problems? There are cheaper and less hectic ways to insure your loved ones by participating in this ATLE Insurance that covers Funeral expenses.  Have a good send off for your loved one. Do not hurt anymore as Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE) is here to help. ATLE is a leading non-profit organization, registered in the state of California, USA ( with goals of helping people set up businesses.  We realized that one cannot establish any businesses if their basic needs are not met.  Funeral Cover/Bereavement insurance was one of the recurring issues among our members.  WE DO HAVE SOLUTIONS for you but if you do not partake, you are still in the cold.  You cannot get this same policy if you called the insurance company on your own as you will be subjected to a medical exam.  Some of us already have preexisting conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.  This is the easiest way in.  In addition, you must come in now as they will not take you after the enrollment period.  Take good note of the deadlines, especially with the USA coverage.  They do not bend rules.  ATLE is proud to present the following options.

Kenyan Citizens Policy

This policy is through an insurance company in Kenya and covers any Kenyan, whether in the Diaspora or in Kenya. Must be under 80 years of age. They must have a KRA pin number, Kenyan ID, birth certificates of the children under 18.   Yearly payment is only Ksh. 3900 ($39) per person for a benefit of Ksh. 220,000.00 or $29 (Ksh. 2900) for a benefit of Ksh. 120,000.  Payments are paid within 48 hours if you are able to provide a death certificate in a timely manner.  No application will be submitted if you do not include all necessary attachments such as the members KRA certificate, ID card, Birth Certificates of children under 18 years old and ID cards for the spouse, parents and parent in laws if completed on the same application form. 

If you’re in the US and applying for your Kenyan relatives in Kenya please apply here.

Applying from Kenya, please download the Application Form below and email it as soon as you can.

If you are in Kenya and you are not able to pay through PayPal, pay through the pay bill number and upload a copy of your payment receipt together with all the required documents such as KRA Number, Birth certificates of your children if under 18 years old and copies of your ID.   Or you can print the form and scan them to or fax it in at +1909 797 3113.

Bank Information for Kenya Only

For the Kenya customer, we have an account number with Bank of Africa.  Account Name:  Africa Trade Link and Expo, Account Number 05405520007, Pay Bill No. 972900.  Scan and email receipt payment, completed form plus any supporting documents to  Keep a copy of your deposit receipt for your record.  A copy of your insurance certificate will be scanned to you on your email once your application is completed. 

Kenyan Citizens – Medical Cover for loved ones.

We also have a group medical insurance that will be able to cover members who reside in Kenya.  If you have been the breadwinner of your family and have been forced to pay cash for all your relatives’ medical expenses, this is the program to look into. Minimum entry is under 74 years old.  Call to get a premium quote – it is about $2000 per year per person.  The premium covers in-patient and outpatient medical care and also has a rider on dental and vision care. 

Email us for more information.


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