Professional/Cultural Exchange Program

Who would benefit from our cultural exchange program?

  • Students, high school, and college students.
  • Professionals – Work exchange
  • Business Tours – meet suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors
  • Single Company missions to the USA/Africa/Caribbean

Description of Technical Services to be provided by ATLE:

Through our cultural exchange program we promote emerging African economies to self-sufficiency and sustainability  ATLE is partnering with different colleges and universities as well as individuals, businesses to provide  internships, business tours, cultural exchange and study abroad experiences.   The areas are varied but for people coming from Africa to America, preference will be given to those areas that skills are limited in Africa.  Such areas include, manufacturing, road construction, oil and gas –safety, repairing of hospital equipment, agribusiness, landscaping, solar energy, water purification, fish farming, manufacturing, heavy machinery, housing construction – new technology on how to save money by using dry wall, tile fitting, etc.  This also includes government worker exchanges – sister cities etc.  Group tours can also be organized at your request. If you want to advance your career, learn new skills, establish an international connection, and get experience in a real work setting, this is the program for you.   

Remuneration and Payment Terms:

The fee for this business linking service is $2500.  You are responsible to pay any other cost associated with each program such as tuition, accommodation etc.  Our job is to link you to an appropriate exchange program and get you registered in that program.


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