Who is Africa Trade Link and Expo (ATLE)?

ATLE’s number one goal is to link Africa to the International Market Place and verse versa. Due to high demand, people ask if there are any opportunities for other jobs other than Registered Nursing jobs.  Through our research, ATLE discovered that African could get jobs on the international market place other than nursing.   We conducted research and found opportunities in this areas, Teachers, Finance Managers, Administrative and Support Services, Company Security, Cleaners, Customer Service/Call Centre, Human Resources Executives,  Sales Executive,  Store Keeper, Chef, Marine Engineers, Electrical Engineers,  Cook/ Chef,  Bar Attendants, Electrical and Electronics maintenance engineers, Language interpreter, computer science etc. To keep this project going, we require a small donation to fund our research department so that we can continue to bring you continued resources.  The key factors to consider when looking for a job is (1) Learn to listen, read and follow instructions. (2) Master of Communication.  Most Africans way of communicating is confrontational which can be extremely misunderstood as being “rude.”  Learn how to communicate effectively without always thinking that someone is “out to get you.”  Use “common sense” in your analogy and not “emotion”, and “deals.”  ATLE wants Africa to be competitive on the International Market Place and the idea of handouts has to end before Africa can begin to advance and be recognized on the International Market Place.  If you are given this opportunity, represent Africa well so that many more people can be hired in the future.  Your “bad attitude and poor communication” will cause bad “stereotypes of African People” to the extent that hiring companies will no longer be interested in hiring people from Africa. Africa let us open doors for many more behind us.  (3) ContentBefore responding to anything, take time to read and understand instructions.  The Western world is good at reading and following instructions. Most Africans are used to being spoon feed, magic and deals thus most do not take time to read any instructions.  Most Africans are smart and this process is not difficult if you can spend time reading and understanding the questions.   (4) Stop believing in Magic, Good Luck and witchcraft:  You must read, understand and spend at least one-two hour a day reading about the company, their likes and dislikes and always come up with a new resume to suit the language and description of the company that is hiring.  There is no magic  Hard work and commitment is what is going to see you through. Keep your eyes on the doughnut and not the hole and if not, good luck, keep your day job as working outside your home country is not for everybody. 

Why Seek a Career on the International Market Place

  • Better pay
  • Legally and properly, bring your family to America, Europe, and Canada or any other international market place.
  • If in America for example, your children will be able to study in high school free as America grades 1-12 education is free.
  • Earn descent income to build that lovely home you wanted in Africa and uplift your extended family as well as community.
  • Better retirement and insurance packages.

Is Africa Trade Link and Expo, Model for everyone? 

Yes, ATLE is a model for everybody as it is the “to go to place” to gather all information regarding how to get a job on the international Market Place especially if you are coming in from Africa.  Once you understand the basics then you will be best educated to pick the right resources to assist you throughout the processes.  As a non-profit agency, our job is to provide you with information so that you can save money as well as make educated decision on what company to sign up with.  ATLE is here to serve people in Africa, as the resources for Africa are limited with not many other companies doing what we are doing. 

Who should subscribe to this product?

Anybody who wants the exposure on how to get a job on the international market place.  If you do not get a job in your career, you will see what is in demand so that you can change your profession to be competitive.  Follow us on YouTube and Facebook  and

Where is ATLE Located?

Africa Trade Link and Expo, (ATLE) main office is located in Yucaipa, California, USA. We are working on getting Satellite offices in Africa.  Contact us if interested. 

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